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The castle-mansion of Sant Mori, also known as the Rocaberti Castle, was built on former ruins in the 15th Century . Its first and most important renovation took place in the 16th century, giving this beautiful structure the Gothic-Renaissance air which we enjoy today.

The castle has witnessed and taken part in different historic moments, the most relevant being the stay of Queen Juana Enriquez and her son Fernando, who would later become Fernando the Catholic and later marry Isabel. Together they will sponsor the voyage made by Christopher Columbus to discover America.

Queen Juana traveled to Sant Mori from Castille. Here she was the guest of her vassal Pere de Rocaberti, the first Baron of Sant Mori. Her objective was to assume command of the troops during different conflicts that took place in what is now the peaceful setting of the Ampurdán. One of the occurrences related to her stay was the calling of Parliament to put an end to the military conflicts that devastated the region.

Nowadays, the Master Bedroom “La Estancia de la Reina Juana” is one of thirteen  in the castle available to the visitors.

From the 15th century until the present, the castle has belonged to the same family, whose present members are descendents of the feudal lord who built it. This continuity is unusual in the area and explains why the castle is in such good repair and why its maintenance has been careful and harmonious over the years allowing the present owners to have the exclusive privilege of sharing  its special atmosphere with a select clientele.

The village of Sant Mori as well as the surrounding area  create a beautiful location  for the Castle and provide the visitor with a lovely, peaceful and inspiring  setting.

The Ampurdán also has much to offer the visitor, depending on his tastes and interests. One can visit monuments as well as  historical and archaeological sites from different epochs of time as well as participate in  other varied cultural activities. The gastronomy is re known and in constant evolution. For those interested in sport, there are many options, especially those related to the sea and beach. Above all, there is the chance discovery at every bend of the unique beauty of the place, with its character and ancient cultural roots.

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