Alquiler castillo, castle Barcelona , Cataluña

General Conditions

Inscription number in the Registry of Tourism of Catalunya : 015268 HUTG



At the moment of making a reservation, the client must sign copies of the rental contact, and deposit in our offices 30% of the rental price for the period of time agreed upon. The Reservation will not be considered confirmed until the above mentioned deposit has been made.

The remaining sum must be paid at least 30 days before the arrival date. If it is not paid, the proprietor will consider the reservation cancelled.

If the reservation is made 30 days or fewer before the intended arrival date, the total sum of the rental fee for the contracted period of time must be paid, as well as the security deposit.

It is understood that the payment will be made in cash. Payment made in any other form such as check will become effective when the payment in question has been verified and made. Any banking expenses will be paid by the client.


The client may waive his right to the reservation and services solicited and contracted respecting the following conditions:

1. Cancellation 30 days or more before the arrival date. 30% of the total price will be charged as expenses.
2. Cancellation 10 to 29 days before the arrival date. 50% of the rental price will be charged as expenses.
3. Cancellation 3 to 9 days before the arrival date. 80% of the rental price will be charged as expenses.
4. Cancellation 3 days prior to arrival. 100% of the rental price will be charged as expenses and profit loss.

The percentages are calculated on the total contracted rental price. However, if the client has solicited travel insurance which covers cancellation expenses, and only if the cause of the cancellation is covered by such insurance, he will have his money reimbursed.


In the case that the client abandons the property or gives up part of his stay once his rental time has begun, he will waive any right to reimbursement. However, if the abandonment is for a justifiable cause, which must be verified with accredited documentation, those who are covered by travel insurance which includes cancellation reimbursement, will receive reimbursement according to the clauses of the policy.


A security deposit is obligatory at the beginning of the stay. The quantity of the deposit will be calculated in direct relation to the rental price and it will be paid at the same time as the total rental payment.

Supplementary Costs

Supplementary costs accrued will be deducted from the security deposit and will be billed to the client at the time the rest of the deposit is returned at the end of his stay. An example of these costs could be local taxes, telephone bills and final cleaning.


On formalizing the payment and deposit, the client will receive his copy of the signed contract, as well as documentation pertaining to the staff, location and other points of interest.

Arrival and Departure Times

As a rule, check in is from 16:00 on the day of arrival and the rooms should be left free by 11:00 on the day of departure.
The staff member in charge of welcoming the guests and giving them the keys will be expecting their arrival but it is recommended to confirm arrival time by telephone.
The owners take no responsibility for loss or robbery.


The client is advised to demand an inventory of the property, or in its absence, to review the property itself. In the case of pre-existing damage or missing elements which have been mentioned in the inventory, the proprietors must be told within 24 hours.
We encourage our guests to tell us if the observe any anomalies or defects so that they can be put right as soon as possible.

On Return of the Property to the Owners

It is the client’s responsibility to leave the property in the same state as it was found, which is to say, clean and orderly. It is also the client’s responsibility to limit the number of occupants to the number contracted. Under no circumstances may the number of guests exceed the number specified. In such a case, the proprietor has the right to take the necessary measures (extra charges or eviction).

Agreement with the Present Conditions

On the formalization of the rental contract, it is assumed that the client is in agreement with the aforementioned clauses. Any modification of the contract clauses must be made in writing and signed by both parts.
In the case of legal dispute, both the client and the proprietor will be under the jurisdiction of the courts of Gerona, renouncing any other jurisdiction.

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