Alquiler castillo, castle Barcelona , Cataluña


The Castell de Sant Mori, on behalf of Ampurhunt, offers its guests the opportunity to combine the unique experience of staying in the castle with the hunting of Spanish red partridge and / or pheasant, overlooking the snowy peaks of the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea. In this incomparable setting, unique in all the Iberian peninsula in which our “Mas del Cabo” preserve is located, with more than 6,200 acres, and 3 kilometers away from the castle, you can enjoy hunting in the modalities of loose, hand or mixed, with all the services that Ampurhunt puts at your disposal, involving not only in this unique experience the exclusive accommodation in the castle, but also the gastronomy and the hunting, in the most privacy and with the maximum attention on the part of our professionals, taking care of every detail. To receive a personalized proposal of this unique combination of lodging and hunting in this privileged area of Alto Ampurdán,   click here  and we will contact you in order to Arrive a proposal tailored to you and your guests, family and friends or clients.


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